Art Class: Hot Air Balloon Wed May 27 11:00 am

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Paper Collage Art Class 

Hot Air Balloon
Wednesday May 20, 2020
11:00 am to 12:00 pm
Cost $10.00

Supplies not included 

Materials/ Supplies and alternatives

“8 by 10” Canvas:            or whatever size is available to you (We do recommend that you don’t go beyond an “11 by 14” canvas especially if this project would be done by kids or this is your first time. The size of a blank canvas can be daunting to a beginner and we want to avoid the need to fill up the space as this creates pressure you do not need).  A Shipping Box is a great alternative to use. Cut out an “8 by 10” rectangle or in this case, whatever size you are comfortable with.

Stick Glue:                         An alternative is school/white glue (PVA) or whatever glue that is available to you. If you are using school glue, you can use a painting brush or Q-tips as applicators as they give you better control in spreading the glue. If you do find yourself in a situation where you don’t have any type of glue around you, you can boil a quarter cup of flour in 3 quarters of water with 1 spoon of salt. (Measurements depend on the number of participants you are making the glue for). This creates a paste that is normally used for Paper mache projects/art. The salt helps in reducing mold and you can always add a splash of bleach (after boiling) or vinegar for the same effect.

Magazines/Newspaper/junk mail:          A variety of these help in giving you options of pages, colors and texture.  You can use any type of paper available to you, either blank, glossy, matte, even decorative paper towels.  If you would like to add color but can’t find the colors you want, you can paint the paper with acrylic paint, watercolor, gouache, coloring pencils or markers. This is where it’s your world and you can literally create what you want. As long as they are clean and carry no food particles, they should be good to go.

Scissors:  to cut out pieces from magazines and/other sources

Pencil:      for drawing.

For the class, here are some tips to help you get ready and focused for the project:

  1. Color-code the pages/paper you would like to use for your project: Think of the colors you would like to use and try to find about 3 shades of every color you think you need. But the beauty about paper collage is that you can break the limitations of reality and use the colors you want.
  2. Get your canvas ready: before the class, get your canvas ready so that you can follow along.
  3. Clear out your work area: As you will be working through pieces of paper and with different colors or hues, your focus can be distracted by something that you may not need. Also pick a workspace that gives you a proper sitting position, good lighting and freedom to use your hands. Take a break while working to reduce tiring or cramping your fingers and wrists and stretch as well.
  4. Find inspiration: You can look for royalty free photos online to help give you inspiration on what you would like your finished project to look like. You can borrow from different sources to make it yours. Look at real pictures of the subject as well as realistic or abstract paintings to give you ideas.

Last but definitely not least, enjoy yourself. Have your favorite drink at arm’s reach but not too close to hit and spill, this is all about having fun. It’s all like your favorite puzzle except you are making the pieces as you go. Enjoy tearing up the paper in your hands, remember the days of being a kid and impulsively tearing up family photos or hard earned certificates ( we all have stories like that, I believe). So be kind to yourself, enjoy the process and we can’t wait to see your masterpiece.  




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