In every artist’s development the first step is of training, not of skills but of what you see. As a small child I remember looking out of an airplane window and seeing the rain hitting the window. I felt mesmerized by how the water fell onto the window. Of how the droplets distorted the colour as it flowed down the window. I was and continue to be fascination with colour and the act blending.

The next steps involved exploration. As I grew I remember being so bored in school. Doodling got transformed into an introduction to the tonal varieties of the graphite pencil. I would spend hours drawing, erasing and drawing some more.

When I returned to painting I was introduced to the  “paint-by-numbers paintings.” I liked the process but wanting more. I met a teacher at college who guided me into the enjoyment of creating through paint.

I now experience “The Dance,” others call it “The High,” is the zone of creativity, a purity in the devotion of oneself to a creative activity. Many people ask me what my medium is and my reply is that I’m a “Colourist.” I work with any medium, it only depends upon what I’m interested in at the time.

As a teacher I revel in guiding my students through their own creative process.