Sam Axford


I was born in 1952 and currently reside in London, Ontario, Canada. Drawing came naturally to me at an early age. I was always creating some form of art using any writing instrument available. I attribute this talent to my grandfather who was an accomplished landscape painter. My ‘in-home’ training was started when my parents gave me a Jon Gnagy Learn to Draw kit in the early 60’s. I devoured the lessons andlearned the many rules and methods of drawing using graphite pencil and charcoal.

I eagerly enrolled in a new art course introduced to the curriculum in high school in 1970. There I produced many artworks using various mediums and techniques. I was accepted into the Basic Design and Fine Art program at Fanshawe College in London in 1972 on the basis of that portfolio. This was a foundational course which offered hands-on-classes taught by some talented and renowned expert international artists. We were allowed total artistic freedom. Traditional rules were set aside and creative expression was encouraged. I excelled during this period, turning out a high calibre of varied work. Many of my pieces were showcased within the school, some were sold, and a few earned awards. After college, I continued to paint for a few more years until I purchased my first SLR camera. A whole new world of art had opened up for me! For the next 30 years I devoted my full attention to photography.

Fast forward to my retirement in 2007 from a 33 year career with the Federal Government. I decided to resume drawing and painting again. I started doing pencil sketches of landscapes on location and coloured them at home. Next, I moved to forms of acrylic painting which I still practice. I characterize my style of art as abstract, combining elements of realism, surrealism and fantasy. I love using bright colours and creative design methods in each piece. I am also interested in other processes in addition to drawing and acrylic painting. These are watercolour, pen & ink, silk screen and mono printing, hot glue art, aerosol spray painting and Asemic writing.

At present I have a display wall at For the Love of Art in London where a selection of my artwork can be viewed and purchased. As always I will continue to experiment in the wonderful realm of abstract art.

'Copper Beech'

10" x 10"
Metallic acrylic and hot glue (gun)
unframed  $125

'Look Up'  

12" x 12"
Acrylic on canvas unframed

'Night Garden'

16" x 20"
Acrylic on canvas unframed  

'Garden Sunrise'

12" x 24"
Enamel on black canvas
(multiple aerosol sprays over a variety of flora
sourced from my gardens...part of a
monoprint series called 'My Backyard Garden')

regular price $150 / sale price $125