Darrell Hache

In every artist's development one of the first steps is of training, not so much of skills but of how you observe and process of what you see.


As a small child I remember looking out of an airplane and seeing the rain hitting the window. I felt mesmerized by how the water fell onto the window. 

Enthralled I would watch how the droplets, distorted the colour as it flowed through it.

I was and continue to be fascinated with blending colour.

As I grew I remember being so bored in school, that I began doodling.


My doodles transformed into an introduction to the tonal varieties of the graphite pencil. I would spend hours drawing, erasing and drawing more.

My initial exposure to painting was paint-by-numbers, of which I quickly outgrew, as I was finding the whole process to be very limiting. I wanted to paint outside the lines. I met a college professor who guided me through the process and enjoyment of creating through paint.


I now experience "The Dance" or the "Painters High" as the zone of creativity, an internal space of a purity of devotion of oneself to a creative activity.


People ask me what medium is and my reply is that I am a "Colourist." I work with any medium and depends upon what I'm interested in at the time.


As a teacher I revel in guiding my students through their own creative process.