Dianne Fleming

  I’ve had so many creative hobbies over the years…  knitting, sewing, refinishing furniture, pottery, cake decorating, macrame, scrapbooking, you name it, I’ve most likely done it.  


But my passion has always been working with wood. 


When I was a child, my father bought a table saw to use in renovating our home. I spent every minute I could helping him cut wood to make bunk beds, shelving and toy storage bins. I loved the smell of fresh cut wood. 


When my daughter was a teenager, I signed us both up for a women’s woodworking class and we made a jewellery box and hope chest.


Last summer I took on a huge project and made a large waterfall feature for my garden, over 6 feet tall using old shower doors for the water to run down.  

And then, I discovered wooden sign making. Besides loving wood, I love paint. So I started my own hobby business, making customized wooden signs and started teaching workshops. 


I love getting an order to design and create a personalized sign for a wedding gift, baby shower, or a special home decor accent. However, teaching others gives me the most satisfaction. 


Anyone can attend one of my classes, no matter how “uncrafty” or “non-artistic” they feel they are, and leave with a perfect sign they are proud of. I teach adult and children classes, using vinyl stencils that I customize with their names so each sign is special to each student.    


I hope you take the opportunity to attend one of my workshops.