Drawing Art Class Perspective Level 1 Tue Sep 7 to Sep 28


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Drawing Art Class 

Perspective Level 1

Tues Sept 7 to Sept 28 (4 classes)

2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Cost: $80.00

Ages: Adult 17 & up

Instructor: Tamara S

Supplies required for the first class: drawing paper, pencil, ruler, triangle ruler (optional), drawing compass (optional).

In this series students will be introduced to the basics of perspective, which will allow them to draw realistic shape objects accurately reflecting their height, width, depth, and position relative to one another. In one-point perspective, all lines converge to a single point on the horizon. Two-point perspective addresses the drawing issues we face rendering our objects from the side, where horizontal lines converge to two points on the horizon. Two-point perspective is a critical skill for drawing from life. 

In three-point perspective all lines recede toward one of the three vanishing points. 

The three vanishing points make up a triangle, with the viewer's center of vision roughly in the middle.   Practicing these techniques will breathe new life into your drawings and paintings.

Minimum 4 participants, maximum 8. 

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