The Power of Art!

A brand new artisan hub and cultural space in the London, Ontario community!

Heather Marvell, Director of For the Love of Art, had a dream . . . and that dream was to combine all the arts into a central location so that each branch of the arts could help the other to thrive.

This dream became a passion, and for 5 years she built up the arts in south-west London at the Arts Centre in Westmount Mall.

Today, this dream is a reality but we need your support.

We are looking to raise $85,000 to help us reduce our debt, and allow us to offer more artisan programs and projects for the community.


For the Love of Art has grown from a small group of artisans showcasing their art, to a driving force of art, education and shows in the London community! We pride ourselves on making art accessible to people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. And now it's time for us to move to a bigger location.


Heather Marvell, a longtime resident of London, Ontario, has been involved with the arts community through volunteering, event planning and the creation of the Art Centre at Westmount Mall five years ago. She recognizes that artisans struggle in finding ways and venues to showcase their art. Many galleries only provide opportunities to artists that have already made their mark. This leaves the up-and-coming artist nowhere to show and sell their works.

For the Love of Art, at our new 8700 square foot artisan hub, will provide unity for art of all media by offering studio space; an artisans alley; a cafe; a space for art shows and installations; a creative centre; multiple work spaces for teaching; a gift nook; and a framing studio. We would also like to offer flex space that can be rented by the public to use for meetings, workshops and office space.

The Artisans Alley offers up-and-coming artists a space to show and sell their works. It provides them with a safe and professional venue with which to sell their works of art and meet potential customers. The artisans alley also allows artists an opportunity to create their art on site, network with other artists and participate in live demonstrations, while allowing them to interact with the public.

Mini studio spaces will also be offered for artisans that wish a space to create in. These studios allow an artisan to have an area, approximately 8’ x 6’, which they can set up as an art studio within the artisans hub. They can work in it, display their art and lock up their supplies when they are not their. This type of mini studios will allow local artisans to have a place to feel is their own, allowing them to promote and further their art career.

There will be large, bright rooms where art classes, workshops and meetings can be held. We have found that in the London area, their is a lack of good quality space for artists to teach in. At the new artisans hub, we will offer space that can be rented by the public.

The gallery space will be available for shows, corporate team building, installations and other functions that require a large area.

The creative centre offers a unique space for actors, film makers, poets and many other types of verbal art to have a venue to practice, perform or teach in.

A cafe, a gift shop, music classes and a framer, will also be a part of the artisans hub, bringing a range of arts under one roof. And let's forget art therapy and reaching out to a diverse community.

We are blessed with an amazing community. Their support, along with patrons, and partners has allowed For the Love of Art to thrive. However, the day-to-day expenses of operating the Arts Centre does not leave much in the budget for anything else.

We have big dreams but realize that they cost a lot of money. However, we will not let this stop us from reaching for the stars! This is why we are asking for you help in this next stage of our growth.

To thank you for contributing, we have created some compelling Perks. Please take a look at our plan, and if you like what we have in mind, we would love your support.

Artists Unite!

The Plan

We have broken down the plan into phases to outline our costs in a more visual way. Many dollar amounts are rounded off for simplicity and not all costs have been listed such as labour, unexpected expenses and sundry items.

As a volunteer run facility, the artisans hub needs to reduce our capital costs and with your help, we can do just that.

Primary Goals

Phase 1: Building the wall but not the Trump Wall! $40,000
This was the core of all the work at the new facility.  In order for us to give the artisan's hub a certain amount of connectivity, we need to punch through the walls and connect these units together. These “walkways” will allow us to essentially be one large happy group! And once these walkways are completed, we needed to add walls in the main unit so we can have workshop/class space with real walls, unlike the Les Nessman walls we had at Westmount Mall! These walls have a duel purpose. While the inside of the walls offers private space, the outer walls are the basis of the artisans alley.

Phase 2: Let there be light! $5,000
With all space, you need light. And with gallery art, you need the right light. We need a variety of lights, utilizing energy efficient fixtures and bulbs, to properly light our spaces. We installed LEDs, replacing many of the existing fluorescent lighting fixtures. These new style lights are not only brighter, (so we need less of them), but they are much cooler.

Phase 3: Electrified Royal Flush $15,000
With all those light fixtures we, we needed to hook them all up. And then we needed to get some water happening. It will be oh so lovely to have some sinks to wash our brushes in! Proper tub sinks that have filters in them to minimize the waste that goes into our environment and reduces our carbon footprint.

Phase 4: Floors - These Boots Are Made for Walkin’! $15,000
We spend a lot of time walking, standing and just generally getting from A to B. So you need the right floors to do this on. Concrete is really hard on your body after a while, so we would installed carpet to add some comfort and spring in our steps.

Phase 5: Doors & Windows - Let the Sunshine In! $10,000
Remember we mentioned bashing in some walls, well now we need some doors to close them off. There will be times when we need to close off certain sections of the hub, and sliding doors are the answer. We will also need some windows for the work spaces, so we can let some light in.

Phase 6: Sign, Signs, Everywhere Signs! $4,000
Now that we have our wonderful new location, we need to let everyone know that we are here! Outside signs, inside signs, do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign!

Phase 7: Well that's Alarming! $6,000
Now that we have lights, we needed some cameras for the action to begin! Securing all our hard work was one of the last installations required and we installed an alarm system, cameras and door alarms.

Secondary Goals

Phase 1: Coffee, Tea or me! $25,000 (overfund goal 1)
Like all parents that have kids who take extra curricular activities, it isn’t worth driving home to only turn around and come back an hour or two later. Our cafe will offer a place for them to hang out. To make this happen, we need the essentials: counters; fridges; dishes; comfy chairs (you get the idea). All this will makes for yummy baked goods; coffee; tea and YOU!

Phase 2: All the world's a stage! $10,000 (overfund goal 2)

The actor's studio rounds out our newest addition to the artisan's hub. It will require: curtains; a sound system; lighting; a stage and chairs.

Phase 3: Until we meet again! $5,000 (overfund goal 3)
As part of our hub, we want to offer flex space and meeting rooms which will require tables and chairs. We need them to be compact, yet comfortable, so when they are not in use, they will take up less space.

Can We Do It? Yes We Can!

It takes a Tribe. You are our tribe!

This project has been largely made possible because of you, our students, our friends, our family, the artists that display their work and the patrons of the arts. You collectively have supported us, encouraged us and made it clear that this is what you want in your community. So please help by supporting this crowdfunder to make it a reality.

Many hands make for light work, and if you can’t contribute financially, THAT’S OK!  You can still help JUST by sharing this fundraiser on your social pages, Facebook, Twitter, send and email to friends and relatives, to get the word out in support of this fantastic artisans hub!