Lisa M

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been in love with arts and crafts of all sorts! I was the one always making some crafty concoction (sometimes I only knew what it was) or drawing some fun crazy pictures or painting an abstract design (left to the creative and wild imaginations to interpret). 


So, it was natural for me in my adulthood to continue my adoration of arts and crafts and use my creativeness skills to establish my crafty business, Coop’s Chaotic Creations, that showcases my handmade items. I get an artistic joy out of taking mix media materials and turning them into artful treasures filled with secrets and ways to express and explore your creative-self.


Vintage crafts have always inspired and stirred up inside me a deep sense of tradition and culture. A welcome stroll down memory lane each and every time I see a new treasure from the past. What I truly love is to re-create those old-fashioned trinkets and treasures.


I collect new, used and vintage items to transform and re-purpose them to make unique pieces. It’s a combo of mixed media items with a funky style of rustic and shabby chic flare. I love the look of bizarre chaotic one-of-a-kind designs which brings imagination and interpretation to the forefront.


More recently, I became a Life Coach for Pain Management, through the Certified Coaching Federation. I continue using my creativity to guide individuals living with chronic pain on a physical, emotional and mental level and empower them in achieving their goal of being pain free in mind, body and spirit. 


Individuals are coached to self-manage their chronic pain using a variety of creative strategies and tools so they can regain control of their life by actively participating in their own management of chronic pain on a daily basis. Also, I explore the emotional, mental and social aspects of having chronic pain by explaining how the brain works as the main hub of it all and to teach clients that pain can be managed through brain power of Neuroplasticity.


I continue to inspire and share my love of all things art through teaching and coaching. 


Looking forward to working with you!


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