Nick White

Was born in Derbyshire, England and moved to Canada with his parents as a young teen. Artistic from an early age, Nick's passion to draw, sculpt and write led him to a degree in art from the Ontario College of Art in Toronto.

Working in many areas including film, digital animation and graphic illustration, he has gained a diverse art background.

As a freelance illustrator, Nick has done a wide range of commissioned pieces, including

paintings, pencil portraits, mini pet paintings, posters, album covers and illustrations for children's books.


Nick currently teaches computer gaming at Trios College here in London and has taught digital graphics, sculpting and illustration.


Over the years, he has participated in the Mini's and Square Foot shows through The Art Exchange in Wortley Village, as well as a chalk artist at Expressions In Chalk and Brush Off for the Children's Museum.

Check out Nick's website at and LIKE WhiteWorks on Facebook to follow what is happening with his art.