Sam Crowley

I was born in a little fishing village on the east coast of the island of Newfoundland called Western Bay. I grew up with the open sea and beautiful beaches as my playground.

My father was a fisherman, so I spent a major portion of my youth helping with the daily chores associated with the rugged life of the fairly remote fishing centers.


As I grew I began to appreciate the magnificence of the sea and the surrounding rocky cliffs and started to sketch. It was from this appreciation of nature that my pathway in life was shaped.

I became a Forestry Technician and spent the first 10 years in the employment of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador; during which I traveled extensively about the province and was afforded the opportunity to view and appreciate the natural beauty on an up-close and very personal level.

After leaving these experiences, I became interested in self employment and started a small firm providing services in graphic design and CAD drafting. It was during the next 30 years of service that I finally honed my artistic skills enough to begin painting some of my memories and put to use my talents to impress on others the peace and relaxation that stems from doing what was designed for you  from the beginning.


In 2015 I achieved "Active" status with the Federation of Canadian Artists based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

It's never too late to follow your dreams.


I hope my paintings will bring you as much joy in viewing as they have brought to me in creating them.