Room / Wall Space Rentals

Situated in south-west London, our artisans hub is over 12,000 square feet. This expansion allowed us to reach out to a broader range of artists. Our facility offers: an artisans alley for local and emerging artists; a cafe; an gallery space for shows; multiple classrooms and a custom framing shop. It also offers flex space that can be rented by the public to use for meetings, workshops and office space.

To become a part of this fabulous artisans community, contact us at 519-670-0740 or email us at

Make an appointment with the Director to see what we can do to help you show and sell your creative works of art in a new, modern community hub!

For the Love of Art has grown from a small group of artisans showcasing; performing; playing and demonstrating their art, to a driving force of local talent from in and around London!

What can you expect?

There is an Artisans Alley offering up-and-coming artists a space to show and sell their works. It provides them with a safe venue with which to sell their works of art and meet potential customers. The artisans alley also allows artists an opportunity to create their art on site, network with other artists and participate in live demonstrations, while allowing them to interact with the public. Ask us how you can rent wall space in our newly renovated Artisans Alley.

There are several large, bright classrooms. We have found that in the London area, there is a lack of good quality space for artists to teach in. At the new artisans hub, we offer classrooms that can be rented and used for teaching. Contact us to rent one of the classrooms.

Studio space is also offered for artisans that wish a more private space. Studio boutiques, which are very unique, allow an artisan to have an area, approximately 8’ x 4’, which they can utilized as a private studio in artisan alley. They can work in it, display their art and lock up their supplies when they are not there. This type of studio boutique, within the Artisan’s Alley, will allow local artisans to have a place to feel is their own, allowing them to promote and further their art career. These types of spaces are very limited so ask us how you can rent a studio space today.

For the creative actors, poets and film makers, we will be offering a creative centre that can be rented for acting classes, small performances, movie showings, poetry slams and other uses. Contact us to find out how you can utilize this space.

We also offer gallery space for shows, workshops, installations, meetings and other functions that require a large area. Contact us to find out how you can utilize this space.

All this plus a cafe and a framing shop, bring the community and the arts under one roof.