Wall Rental

For the Love of Art
Resident Artist Info

We invite you to join us to be a resident artist at For the Love of Art!

As a resident artist you have privileges. While hanging with us, you can paint on site, display larger pieces in designated areas (on a rotating basis), have a mini show to promote your works, network and be a part of a great artistic community. FLTA will also take care of payments of any pieces sold, so you don't have to.

Our facility offers a safe place to sell you art. You can utilize our facility to meet potential buyers of having them come to your home.

We offer rates fro 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. The longer to commit to being apart of us, the better the rate!


Wall Rates

3 Month

6 Month

12 Month

Full Wall (4'w x 8'h)
$435 + hst
Full Wall (4'w x 8'h)
$840 + hst
Full Wall (4'w x 8'h)
$1440 + hst
1/2 Wall (2'w x 8'h)
$220 + hst
1/2 Wall (2'w x 8'h)
$420 + hst
1/2 Wall (2'w x 8'h)
$720 + hst
1 payment up front 50% up front plus
3 monthly payments
25% up front plus
9 monthly payments


Note: 6 & 12 month contracts require 3 months rent in advance
(1st months payment + 11th & 12 months payments. The final 2 payments are non-refundable should you break the contract.)