DIY Snowman




Materials Needed


Tin Foil or Foam Balls for Snowman Body

White Air-Dry Clay

Glue Gun

Black Paint

White Paint

Orange Paint

Black Cardstock

White Glitter


Knit Fabric (for scarf)

Holiday Greenery (for hat)




  • If using tin foil, create three different size balls
  • Knead white air-dry clay between your hands and cover 3 foil or foam balls. Dip fingers in water to smooth clay
  • Roll 3 small balls out of clay for buttons
  • Roll a carrot shape out of clay for the nose
  • Allow all clay to dry overnight
  • Paint 3 small balls black – let dry
  • Paint carrot shape orange – let dry
  • Glue nose to snowman face
  • Glue 3 small buttons to body of snowman
  • Paint on eyes and mouth – let dry
  • Using black cardstock, draw out a hat pattern – 3 pieces, base, middle and top
  • Cut out hat and glue together – let dry
  • Glue hat onto top of head
  • Cut a piece of knit fabric in the shape of a scarf and hot glue around the neck
  • Hot Glue holiday greenery to hat
  • Drip glue on hat and shake on glitter for snow effect
  • Paint a little glitter on the greenery
  • Allow to dry overnight – keep your cute man or gift him!!