How To Start A Daily Creative Practice

How to Start a Daily Creative Practice


I have always looked forward to the moments of time I could steal away into my home studio space and make art.  This was time for me to busy my hands and quiet my mind.  I would sneak in these precious moments here and there where I could, usually very late at night when everyone else was in bed.  Over time I found myself feeling frustrated and uninspired because my creative time was so inconsistent and prioritized very low in my daily life.


So, I turned to my long-neglected art journals and began working in them daily.  I took all expectation and pressure out of the equation.  Art journals are wonderful.  They give you the opportunity to play, without rules, without any expected outcomes.  They give you the chance to play and explore.


Art journals can quickly become an addiction.  My journals remind me to stop, breathe and connect with my creativity for a few moments every day. 


If you are searching for or interested in building a daily creative practice I will share what has worked for me.  For a few moments every day, you can practice this process, find your connection to the joy that being creative brings and exercise your brain which can make you a more innovative thinker.


A habit takes some time to form.  If you commit to spending a few moments every day dedicated to your creative practice you will reap the benefits in the long run. 


  1. Start short. Set a timer.  Begin with short daily spurts of creativity.  Pick the time of day that you feel the most settled, and unhurried.  10 or 15 minutes is a good starting point.  If you keep the initial time short and consistent, eventually you will find yourself craving more time because you will see how amazing the benefits can be.  Start small.  Be patient.  Be consistent. Most importantly, start now.


  1. Concentrate on the process of creating, not the outcome of your process. The goal of a daily creative practice is to enjoy the process.  I have found that my creative practice helps in reducing anxiety and stress.  It is time for me to quiet my otherwise racing mind.  I work at being present and mindful in the moment.  I allow myself to be connected to what I’m doing, and I feel happy.  Do not worry about the outcome.  The actual art you make is not what’s important.  Allow yourself to be free and just focus on what you are doing and not how it will end up.


  1. Create an inviting creative space. You do not have to have a huge studio in which to create.  You just have to find a space that you make your own.  A space that invites you to spend time.  I like to display some supplies and incorporate them into the décor.  I like to keep my space organized.  This allows me to concentrate on my practice and not on searching for what I want to use.  If your space causes you any stress or wastes any of your time looking for materials, you may become frustrated.  Find your space and make it your own.


  1. Inspiration Station. I always keep an eye out for things that spark some inspiration.  I keep a binder, what I call my “Inspiration Station” filled with photos, magazine clippings, images, paper ephemera, anything that I find interesting.  Whenever I feel stuck or in a rut I look through my binder until I feel that spark.  This is incredibly helpful to my daily practice.


  1. Set a goal. Think about what your daily practice means to you and what your long-term goals are.  I wanted to decrease my anxiety and rediscover my love of just creating for the sake of it.  My intention is clear.  Figure out your intention and remind yourself of it every day.


I hope you decide to take this creative journey.  I hope you stick with it long enough to see and feel the benefits.  The absolute joy, purpose and calm that having a creative practice invites into your life is amazing.  You will be more inspired.  You will look for the beauty that surrounds more than ever before.  You will also find yourself wanting to share what you’ve learned with others.


So, go ahead…..CREATE!!!!