My MUST HAVE Mixed Media Supplies



What mixed media supplies do you keep stocked at home? 


I have been asked this question many times over the years.


I must admit I do find it difficult to keep myself in check when it comes to art and craft supplies.  My supplies seem to grow by the day and my home studio is on the verge of busting at the seams.


I do, however, have my “go to” supplies.  My tried-and-true tools that I am never without, so I thought I would share them with you.


The following supplies are in my opinion, worthy of having a permanent spot in my studio.


  1. Gesso – I always have black and white gesso on hand. It is a primer that is a great ground to work on.  It creates a barrier between the fabric of the canvas and your paint.  The colours in my work always seem to be brighter when I use a layer of gesso as a first step in my pieces.  It prevents the paint from being absorbed into the canvas, so you use less paint.


  1. Matte Gel Medium – I love Golden Gel. I predominantly use it as an adhesive in my work.  I also use gel to do transfers.  The main purpose of gel medium is to change the consistency and/or appearance of acrylic paint.  Experiment with it and the different sheen it produces, and you will be hooked!


  1. Acrylic Paint – of course!! Professional grade paints such as Golden, and Liquitex are my favourites but they can be expensive.  You really do get what you pay for in this category.  The pigment load in these brands is so high while craft paints have a much lower quality which affects the finished look of pieces. 


  1. Brushes – I use a variety of brushes and brands from the inexpensive to more professional. However, I would stay away from very cheap packages of brushes as they will fall apart and not create smooth, or precise strokes.  There’s nothing more frustrating than picking out bristle hairs from your paint!  Use larger sizes to paint background and go down in size as you work on detail.


  1. Texture Tools – This category is where you can really let your imagination go. I use everything from items around my house (forks, sponges, bubble wrap, skewers, old gift cards, leaves, flowers etc.) to bought items such as stamps, and scrapers.  Anything that can make a mark can be used in your work.  Get creative.


  1. Drawing Tools – I use everything from Gelatos, graphite pencils, PITT markers, Sharpies, pens, woodless pencils and paint pens. I use something from this category in every piece I create.


  1. Modeling Paste – I, again love the product from Golden. I am always purchasing this paste because I use so much of it.  I use it to run through stencils, build up texture, and adhere 3D pieces to work.  I colour the paste with both ink and acrylic paints when the mood strikes.


Other Must Haves:


I always have baby wipes, a heating tool, paper of all kind I can use in collage and brush cleaner.


This is just a basic list of supplies I really could not live without.  What are your favourites?  What brands do you swear by?  How do you decide which supplies to invest your money in?  Let’s Talk!!